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Summer just like got in the way and we’ve been enjoying outside and stuff! We’ll be back on!

Hey guys, so this directioner named Regan, her dad died last night because he accidently shot himself cleaning off a gun.. so her best friend is trying to trend #PrayforRegan to make her smile a bit. please trend it? -jenny
Anonymous said:
Hii! I know I'm anon right now, but I'll make an account and get back to you with my url ^.^ Name: Skylar. Boy: Louis<33. I am tall, but not REALLY tall. Athletic shaped body, obsessed with lacrosse and a hopeless romantic. Long brown hair, dark blue eyes, wears glasses B) I love that Louis can be funny all the time, but also has that dangerously-sexy side at times. A turn on for me with Louis is when he tickles me/runs his hands through ma hair ^.^ xx

just posted it !

One Shot: Hot and Sticky

"Stop it Louis, I have a knife in my hands," I giggle as Louis tickles my sides. 

"Okay, okay, fine, I’ll stop," he says with sarcastic disappointment in his voice. His muscular arms wrap around my waist and he rests his chin on my shoulder to watch me work at the kitchen counter. It’s been another incredibly hot day in Southern California, so I’ve decided to make lemonade and eat watermelon to enjoy the summery day with my boyfriend. 

Louis begins to rub his hands down my thighs. I giggle again; my inner thighs are another tickle spot of mine. With one large hand, he pulls my long brown hair from my neck, and kisses it, sucking lightly. I lean my head to the side to give him better access. I let out a little moan, which really turned Louis on, because I felt his dick twitch next to my leg. Setting down the knife, I turn to face the gorgeous man behind me. 

"You know, it’s been a while since we’ve fucked anywhere besides my bed," Louis winks. 

"Has it, really?" I tease. Louis’ eyes flutter down to his growing bulge then back up to me. He bites his lip and nods. "Can you remind me where we were the last time?" I ask, although I remember perfectly.

"In- the- garage- after- your- lacrosse- game," Louis reminds me between kisses on my chest. My eyes flutter in pleasure. "I want you so bad right now,” Louis growls in my ear. I lean into a deep kiss and run my hands down Louis’ chest, then up his bare torso as I pull off his shirt. I feel his hands rub my ass, then down to my thighs. I wrap my long legs around his waist and he lifts me onto the counter, getting my white swimsuit wet with the watermelon juice. Kissing him softly, Louis unties my swimsuit top, and I lift it off for him, breaking the kiss for a few seconds. He grabs my exposed breasts and rubs them with his thumbs. 

"Louis," I moan. His hands leave my chest and he pulls off his swim trunks. I glance down at his fully erect penis and smile. I always joke about it being small, but it truly is the exact opposite. Louis climbs onto the counter and lies on top of me and plants kisses up and down my stomach, and on my inner thighs.

"You have the most amazing body," Louis says. His tongue quickly flicks my clit and I moan again. "Louis.. Louis please don’t make me wait.. Please," I beg him.

"Shut up, Skylar," he snaps. He puts his dick near my entrance, putting only the tip of it inside of me. I complain for him to stop teasing me again, and this time he slams into me, making me scream in both pain and pleasure. He laughs devilishly at my reaction, pulls out completely, and does it again. I scream even louder this time. Louis realizes it’s a sound he likes and does it over and over until I roll him over, getting him sticky with watermelon juice. 

"It’s my turn to make you scream," I say, putting my face near his crotch. I decide to tease him like he had teased me, and I only wrap my mouth around the tip, and suck hard. His back arches in pleasure. I laugh and run my tongue down his long, hard shaft, and suck his sack hard, making him moan loudly. "It isn’t fun to be teased, now is it?" Louis groans, and I take him into my mouth. He pulls me up to meet his mouth, and he kisses me hard. I put one leg on the other side of his body so I’m straddling him. He grabs onto my waist and grinds me hard onto his hips. Before I could react, I feel him slip into me. Louis feels so good inside of me. He thrusts me hard, and I feel my stomach start to get tight.

"Are you close?" Louis asks me. I nod, because I know I am close- very close. He pulls out of me and slams into me, harder than he had before, and I orgasm with a loud scream. Just then, I feel Louis empty himself into me. 

Breathing hard, I roll off of Louis, and he pulls me close to his body. “Well, we’ve never had sex in watermelon juice before,” I laugh, pulling a strand of hair from my sticky back. My boyfriend laughs. 

"Round two?" He asks, but doesn’t wait for an answer. He pulls me back on top of him, and we enjoy our hot and sticky day together on the kitchen counter.

So there’s quite a bit of drama going on between two fanbases I’m apart of. Directioners, and Beliebers. Let me start off by saying, more than HALF of Directioners were Beliebers once, so to the Directioners who are starting shit with Beliebers, STOP BEING A FUCKING HYPOCRITE, YOU STUPID BITCH. You once said things like “I will never leave Justin Bieber.” and “I love Beliebers!” What happened to all of those promises you made? What changed? Oh, that’s right, an English/Irish boyband took over the fucking planet and stole your heart. Remember when a Canadian teenage singer took over the planet and stole your heart? SHUT UP AND STOP BEING SO FUCKING STUPID. YOU ARE IRRELEVANT. Secondly, us Beliebers need to calm the fuck down. I know we love Justin with all of our hearts and we just want to protect him, but us Directioners love One Direction with all of our hearts and just want to protect them. You attack us, we attack you back. Visa Versa. Don’t start shit if you don’t want to be verbally attacked. Third, we’re suppost to be families. The 1D family.. Beliebers are family.. Some of us are parts of both families. We are one, big family in a way. Let me give you a scenario. Your big sister gets married to the love of her life, but you hate him so much, you just want to rip his head off. Would you sabotage your sister’s amazing relationship that she’s SO HAPPY in, because you simply don’t like her husband ? No, because that would be disrespectful and low. So, if you’re a part of the 1D family, and let’s call ourselves sisters, and one of the “sisters” is also a Belieber, would you try to start shit with Beliebers to get your “sister” to stop liking Justin? No! That’s pathetic. You people who are a part of this drama are hurting people like me who are parts of both families. I love every single person in both fandoms, but this is the kind of thing that makes me HATE calling myself a Directioner or a Belieber. This pointless drama needs to stop. Seriously.

So i’ve been super busy lately because i’ve been running from concerts to doctors appointments to dance to summer camps, ect. but now, i have about 3 weeks of down time, so i’ll be on way more.

now that we have more followers, we’re gonna start writing imagines/one shots for people who ask for them. here’s what you’ll have to do. 

Go to ask or submit and tell us the following things.

Name, which boy(s), description of yourself, things you like about that boy (keep it short), or any like fetishes, and if you want it to be dirty or not. 

so yeah. go for it, i’ll probably do some tonight, and some tomorrow. 


stylesgotcurls said:
I looooove you two and your imagines!<3

Thank you ! sorry we haven’t been on lately !

people who are hating on danielle are irrelevant to this fandom.
Ya know saw Harry’s shirt get pulled off, was two feet away from hazza, touched Josh’s hand, touched ollys hand. They were all so beautiful oh my god. Thank you 1D for the best day ever xx ~kennedy
One Direction Concert tomorrow ! Holllllllllllla ~

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